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This new work is influenced by maps, ancient Chinese scholars' rocks, and the dynamic forces active in water and land exchange.

Map l Choose a Route
ink, acrylic,oil and plaster on panel
23.25 h x 20 w x 4.25 d "
Pacific Ocean currents water pollution floods plastic slurry via Mereluna waste maps
ink, acrylic, oil & various media on panel
18 h x 18 w "
map geology canyons tectonic prehistoric strata rock water
pigment, plaster & modeling paste on panel
19 h x 24 w x 4.5 d "
mines strip mining earth canyons maps currents geology strata prehistoric
oil & plaster on panel
12 h x 9 w "
water underground springs maps rocks geology paint abstract
ink, acrylic, oil and plaster on panel
12 h x 9 w "
ocean water islands maps currents abstracr
ink, acrylic & plaster on panel
12 h x 9 w"
temples mountains ascents climbing sculpture earth
plaster, ink, oil and various media
9 h x 9 w x 6 d "