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Walking on Rock and Water
Silence and Solitude
Rock and water provide a moving meditation. On any traverse we are supported: solidity and gravity, buoyancy and fluidity. Their relationship is ancient. They are an odd couple: one recording the passage of time, one eschewing it; one stalwart and the other mercurial. They combine their strengths in a constant exchange of interdependent movements seen and unseen - molecular, tectonic, tidal and volcanic.
This pair appears in all my images. Under their influence I feel exuberantly happy creating work that is map-like but an antidote to the flat graphics of the GPS. In intention the images are most closely related to ancient Chinese scholars rocks with their inherent invitation to travel on their surfaces and commune with the wild
Rock and water have the quality of everlastingness. Yet reading Stephen M. Meyer’s book The End of the Wild forces me to think on impermanence and the irretrievable. I sense my own need to atone.
My work is homage to the wild. While we might not encounter the true wild, we can commune with the unexpected as with a thrilling journey and that turning around yet another bend. I hope viewers will be enticed to look at my work in this spirit.

Walking on Rock and Water